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Carpet Repair And Stretching

What Is Carpet Stretching?

You may find that older carpets start to wrinkle. If that is the case, then stretching them back into shape can be a cost effective alternative to replacing the whole carpet itself.

Generally, the stretching process involves pulling up the carpet, and using a power stretcher to stretch the carpet. This can then be fixed back into its original position. Whilst, in some circumstances it is possible to hire the necessary machinery and equipment and stretch your carpet yourself, in most instances it is advisable to hire a professional to undertake the work for you. We can help you, whatever your specific needs may be.

Carpet Repair

The term ‘carpet repair’ tends to refer to a broader set of remedies for damaged, or stained carpet. These might include replacement of the affected area, or deep stain removal for example. Often, repairing carpet involves a range of intricate processes, and a highly degree of skill and experience too. It’s always a good idea to consider using a carpet repair expert before replacing damage carpet. You may be surprised at how affordable the costs are, and how good the results can be. We can put you in touch with the best carpet repair specialists in your locality today!